Space Time Mind

Philosophy, Science, and a Bunch of Other Stuff

SpaceTimeMind is a podcast by two philosophy professors, Richard Brown(CUNY LaGuardia Community College) and Pete Mandik (William Paterson University), who discuss philosophy, science, and a whole bunch of other stuff, with musical interludes provided by our band, Quiet Karate Reflex.

SpaceTimeMinders Interviewed In 3:AM Magazine

In case you missed it the first time around, here are some pertinent installments from Richard Marshall's series of interviews of philosophers for 3:AM Magazine. First off, here are the interviews with the hosts of the SpaceTimeMind podcast, Pete "Brain Hammer" Mandik  and Richard "Shombies vs Zombies" Brown. See also the interview with our first guest, Episode 4's Eric "Splintered Skeptic" Schwitzgebel.