Space Time Mind

Philosophy, Science, and a Bunch of Other Stuff

SpaceTimeMind is a podcast by two philosophy professors, Richard Brown(CUNY LaGuardia Community College) and Pete Mandik (William Paterson University), who discuss philosophy, science, and a whole bunch of other stuff, with musical interludes provided by our band, Quiet Karate Reflex.

List of Episodes

Episode 1: Has science refuted idealism?

Episode 2: Consciousness explained (?) part 1: Computational Pythagoreanism

Episode 3: Consciousness explained (?) part 2: The nature of explanation

Episode 4: Death and Logic (with Eric Schwitzgebel)

Episode 5: Transhumanism and Existentialism

Episode 6: The Extended Mind (with Lara Beaty)

Episode 7: The Illusion of Free Will (with Gregg Caruso)

Episode 8: Alien and Machine Minds (with Eric Schwitzgebel)

Episode 9: A Journey to the Edge of Hypertime

Episode 10: All Up In the Global Workspace of Consciousness (with Bernard Baars)

Episode 11: Scientism

Episode 12: The Fourth Dimension

Episode 13: Neurophilosophy and Consciousness (with Brit Brogaard)

Episode 14: Eternalism Versus Presentism (with Brit Brogaard)

Episode 15: Supernature (with Roger Williams and Gregg Caruso)

Episode 16: Singularity and Sociopathy (with Roger Williams)

Episode 17: Memory, Emotion, and Consciousness (with Joe LeDoux)

Episode 18: Truth and Naturalism

Episode 19: Fun, Pain, and Ontology (with Eric Kaplan)

Episode 20: Paradoxes of Physical Information

Episode 21: Three Men and a Baby Universe (with Sean Carroll)

Episode 22: Time Shuffling, Finger Sausages, and a Brain Made out of Paper

Episode 23: Transhumanist Hot Tub (with Ken Williford)

Episode 24: Fading Qualia

Episode 25: Leaning Into the Linguistic Turn (with David Pereplyotchik)

Episode 26: Your Digital Afterlives (with Eric Steinhart)

Episode 27: Pains and Brains (with David Pereplyotchik)

Episode 28: Psychedelic Artificial Neural Networks

Episode 29: The Rise and Fall of Phizzy Callizm and the Spiders From Mars

Episode 30: Singularity Cinema: Ex Machina and Advantageous

Episode 31: Future Philosophy

Episode 32: Technological Immortality and Secular Hell

Episode 33: The Philosophy of Mind of Pain (with David Pereplyotchik)

Episode 34: Awareness, Attention, and Globally Accessible Information

Episode 35: Consciousness and Funky Content