Space Time Mind

Philosophy, Science, and a Bunch of Other Stuff

SpaceTimeMind is a podcast by two philosophy professors, Richard Brown(CUNY LaGuardia Community College) and Pete Mandik (William Paterson University), who discuss philosophy, science, and a whole bunch of other stuff, with musical interludes provided by our band, Quiet Karate Reflex.

Consciousness, Computational Pythagoreanism, & Explanation

This video chat is the basis for episodes 2 & 3 of the SpaceTimeMind podcast with Professors Richard Brown and Pete Mandik. The audio from the first half of the video chat found its way into Episode 2: "Consciousness Explained (?) Part 1: Computational Pythagoreanism" and the second half wound up in Episode 3 "Consciousness Explained (?) Part 2: The Nature of Explanation." More info is available at the following links: