Space Time Mind

Philosophy, Science, and a Bunch of Other Stuff

SpaceTimeMind is a podcast by two philosophy professors, Richard Brown(CUNY LaGuardia Community College) and Pete Mandik (William Paterson University), who discuss philosophy, science, and a whole bunch of other stuff, with musical interludes provided by our band, Quiet Karate Reflex.

On the Phenomenology of Conscious Thought

SpaceTimeMind co-hosts Richard Brown & Pete Mandik once co-authored a paper. It will be published soon, but due to a weirdo way of handling backlog at the journal, Philosophical Topics, (basically, time travel), the publication date will be listed as 2012. Anyway, check out "On Whether the Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness Entails Cognitive Phenomenology, Or: What is it Like to Think that One Thinks that P?"

ABSTRACT.The question at the center of the recent growing literature on cognitive phenomenology is this: In consciously thinking P, is there thereby any phenomenology? In this paper we will present two arguments that β€œyes” answers to this question follow from the Higher Order Thought (HOT) theory of consciousness, especially the version articulated and defended by David Rosenthal. The first, the general argument, aims to show that on the HOT theory all phenomenology is cognitive. The second, the central argument, aims to show that all conscious thoughts have phenomenology.