Space Time Mind

Philosophy, Science, and a Bunch of Other Stuff

SpaceTimeMind is a podcast by two philosophy professors, Richard Brown(CUNY LaGuardia Community College) and Pete Mandik (William Paterson University), who discuss philosophy, science, and a whole bunch of other stuff, with musical interludes provided by our band, Quiet Karate Reflex.

Temporal Metaphysics The Musical

Tomorrow we release SpaceTimeMind podcast episode 9, one of several planned episodes on the physics and metaphysics of time. In order to whip your hungry brains into an anticipatory froth, be sure to check out the following classic song-and-dance productions covering such topics as change and temporal becoming, perdurantism vs. endurantism, and McTaggart's paradox. Apologies ahead of time (ha!) for any earworms you may catch from the delightful songs contained below.

First, check out the under appreciated and overlooked extravaganza, "The Tense View of Time and You, Parts 1 and 2," a 2006 musical comedy posted by YouTube user, dapootieman. How this has fewer views than Gangam Style is an eternal mystery.


Second, check out the second installment of the absolutely bonkers show for "kids", Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, informatively entitled "TIME."